10 Email List Building Strategies

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Email list building is the process of collecting the email addresses of visitors on websites. This is done to enable future business communications with prospective or existing clients.

Let’s face it! Every business wants to make profits, create awareness about the products and services they offer to an audience as broadly as possible. One of the many ways they do so is through advertising. However, one thing that should be the focus of most brands is the need to focus on a target audience that needs. Their products and require their services, not trying to reach everyone at a time. How about building a “minimum viable audience?” For your brand? And that is exactly what email list building is all about.

It’s the era of social media where virtual networking is at the tip of everyone’s finger, and emails look a bit out of style and outdated, right? Well, maybe you just underestimated how emails can drive sales. A study from Adobe shows that an average millennial spends 6.4 in a day reading mails from their mailbox.

Besides, email marketing has also been referred to as one of the most effective marketing strategies to generate leads and sales, even while you sleep. It is a must for every marketing strategist who wants to make money online to maximize email marketing and affiliate link.

Why is Email list building so important?

Compared to the meager amount used to run ads and the humongous returns you are likely to get, email lists are cheaper to set up. If you are looking for a valuable, cost-effective tool to connect with your audience, then email is the platform you need.

Email list building:Emails are more personal

A person is more likely to read a mail that drops in their mailbox than a random business advertisement that pops up on their phone. If you are looking to filter out fluffs, focus on a targeted audience, email marketing could be your likely consideration.

Email list building:Stronger Customer Relationship

Email marketing gives your customers a sense of belonging. Imagine how they feel when a mail drops in their box, bearing their first name, a cute emoji, asking how they are doing. It breaks that first barrier of disinterest and makes them want to know more about what you have for them. Besides, it creates a healthy buyer-seller relationship.

Email list building:10 Email Building Strategies

Even though building comprehensive and engaging email lists isn’t an overnight feat. There are albeit intelligent and effective ways that differ from the traditional email sign-up forms that most of us are used to.

Much more than the excitement of building an email list or selling your products. t is imperative that you apply strategies that drive desired sales and leads that bring your envisaged feedback. According to reports from Marketing Week, emails alone generate about $37B annually.

These 10 practical email list-building strategies will work for you if they are appropriately adopted. Suppose you are new to email marketing, looking to expand your reach and make more money using the platform, or you are an existing user, but you want to optimize this marketing strategy to take your business to the next level, you can do all these using your website.

Let’s get to it!

1. Make it easy to sign up:Email list building

This is the easiest and the most straightforward strategy that you can implement. Make it easy for your prospective readers to sign up. No one wants to spend time filling out columns just to read newsletters. Create minimalistic designs that only ask for what is needed, like email addresses and just names. The quicker, the better!

2. Confirm the Subscription

It is the norm to immediately send a confirmation mail when readers put it in their mail. But the truth is, most of these emails don’t ever get opened. One of the effective ways to solve this problem is to set up a simple page that re-instills the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter on your landing page.

3. Offer something of value

Signing up is not where the task ends. It is one thing to have an audience, and it is another thing to have an engaging audience that looks forward to your offer. Give valuable information they need and also the ones they didn’t think they needed. The whole point is to offer real value that makes the customers want to engage you.

4. Learn from Competitors

Take a cue from people whose email listing strategies have produced amazing results and have earned them dedicated and engaging followership.

5. Testimonials

One of the easiest ways to gain credibility from new subscribers is when they read positive reviews and testimonials of previous patrons and the value they got from your services.

6. Allow Subscribers to opt-in and opt-out

Customers find it off-putting when they continue to get tons and tons of marketing emails that they don’t ever remember signing for. Activate the “stop receiving emails” or opt-out button. However, it is not to make it look like you don’t care whether or not they subscribe. You can write a persuasive copy that suggests what they will lose if they miss out on the loads of opportunities you have to offer.

7. Make your emails personalized

A great way to begin is to send a warm welcome message to your subscribers as soon as they subscribe. Tell them you are grateful to have them on board and choosing to be a part of your platform and not another. Also, when sending them emails, instead of just typing “hello,” “hey,” hi, there,” and all sorts of casual, generic greetings, you can add their first name to make it look hyper-personalized. The truth is, everyone likes to be treated with love, respect, and kindness. 

8. Offer Content Upgrade

You know the way we react when how favorite soap opera ends on a suspense-filled note that makes us “oh-oh” and “ah-ah” It’s the same way content upgrade works. Write a thought-provoking piece, but persuasively ask readers to put their mail to read more. Don’t do it blatantly, so it doesn’t look creepy.

9. Craft Irresistible lead magnet

When value comes free and handy, it attracts even more people. It appeals to people’s self-interest. PDFs, eBooks, Videos, Free trials, etc., are reasons why many will give their emails without hesitation.

10. Collects emails at physical meetings

Sounds outdated but effective. Collect people’s mails at physical meetups or at any offline opportunity you get to talk about your brand. Follow them up online by collecting their mail.

Although the list of making money online via email marketing seems exhaustive, start with these.


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