ClickMagick Review – Here’s an Effective Way to Avoid Bots To Your Traffic

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Do you keep reeling out digital marketing ad campaigns, but not performing like you think they should? Here’s a ClickMagick Review. Clickmagick is a fantastic tracking solution that allows you to keep track of your advertising and concentrate on the most profitable traffic.

Maybe your online portfolio is up and running already. You have even made more than a couple of sales. Your subscribers’ list seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, but something still seems to be missing. 

You can’t seem to piece it all together yet or understand how your traffic is responding to your offers. It’s like you don’t know how you can truly maximize your profits or take your business to the next level. 

Now, you have decided to take advantage of the opportunity of digital marketing to push your limits and showcase your business to the world.

The truth is, you need to be able to track every activity that happens on your website. Not only will this help you run your business effectively, but it will also help you know what your prospective clients really want and how to position yourself for providing those needs and solving their problems. 

And that’s where click tracking and monitoring come into mind. You probably know about Google Analytics by now, but that’s not all.

Click tracking goes beyond free analytical tools. It is what allows you to accurately test price points, payment methods, sales copy, page design, and countless other factors that are valuable to your business. To be able to do this effectively, you need a paid, feature-packed click tracking software. 

So, in this article, I talk about Clickmagick and how immensely helpful it could be to your business and brand.

What is Clickmagick?

ClickMagick is a web-based app that helps you track and optimize your marketing efforts and strategies. 

It is a software that holds all the vital information you need to know about what’s working in your digital marketing campaigns and what’s not. 

This app has the capacity to show you what you are likely to improve on. 

It is a powerful and effective click tracking and optimizing tool.

Basically, it is a key marketing metric that helps you store actual and accurate marketing results. I mean it has features that show who clicked on your links, which clicks led to sales and conversion, and many more.

If you have been using Google Analytics before now, you are already on the right path too. Google Analytics is an absolutely great tracking tool and it is also free. 

But the truth is, you don’t know how much you need a paid monitoring software until you start using one. 

Clickmagick does anything and everything you would like an optimizing and tracking tool to do. Here are some of them.

1. It optimizes and tracks your sales funnel

You already have a well-planned and properly set-up sales funnel that makes every purchase step of your prospective customer clear and easier; videos, automated emails and messages, articles, and a great landing page that will do the sales for you. 

But your work is not done yet. Even the most elaborate sales funnel still needs tracking software.

With Clickmagick, you can easily track and optimize your sales funnel with no redirects or tracking links.

2. Automatic and improved traffic quality

It is important for you to know your traffic quality. This knowledge will help you to determine which traffic source is working for you and which one contributes meagerly or nothing to the growth of the business.

Clickmagick lets you know that. It accurately records all your tracking links history and details Traffic Quality Score Sheet.

3. Automatic Bot filters

Yeah, BOT might get you increased figures, but they are of no use and real value. They only end up messing up your stat and wasting your budget. They are what they are-BOTS. Nothing more!

Unlike other tracking systems, ClickMagick recognizes bots and lets you block bot “clicks” — ensuring your stats are accurate and you’re getting value for the clicks you paid for.

4. Easily accessible stats and reports with high accuracy

With ClickMagick, you don’t need to sweat it out before you get your business data or the timely update you need. It is almost at the tip of your fingers. 

You have instantaneous and easy access to all the numbers you need in terms of conversion rates, ad spend, profit, ROI, average order value, return on ad spend, and so much more. In short, it will help to manage and improve your marketing in real-time. Everything!

5. Track your offline sales and conversion

If you don’t run an exclusively online business, it might not be easy to get the hang of things and track sales conveniently. 

For instance, when you make offline sales, how do you integrate that into your tracking software? 

Or, if offline and traditional sales make up a meaningful percentage of your total revenue, how do you track all your offline conversions?

ClickMagick also lets you track your offline conversions easily and accurately. It covers all the way back to the ad or promotional piece that generated the customer. This is done with just one simple tweak to your opt-in or other forms.

6. Targeted Audience, Better Customers

It is a good idea to send out digital marketing campaigns to everyone who might be interested. But how effective is this trial and error approach? 

A serious businessman or woman knows the relevance of a “minimum viable audience.” In digital marketing, putting your business in the face of people who really needs to see it guarantees high conversion rates and returns

ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ makes it possible and super easy to send your actual conversion data to the platforms you advertise on. This will provide them with more accurate data to work with.

Not only will this boost sales, but you are also doing that while maximizing your available resources. If you think about it, it’s a win-win on both sides.

You don’t have to break a bank to be able to afford Clickmagick software. Depending on the plan you intend to subscribe to, with just a few bucks, you can get it up and running.

If you are a small business owner or a digital market expert managing clients’ businesses and have been looking for a cost-effective, all-in-one, and highly-efficient software to track, manage clicks, and do much more to scale your business, Clickmagick is definitely the tool you need. It is packed with super-amazing features and is quite easy to use. Try it, and you will never regret it.

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