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My name is Chris Gilman and I deliver high quality traffic to your affiliate offer utilizing Solo Ads

How did I end up here and why am I doing this?

I climbed my way up the corporate ladder (from cost estimator to President) until I ran out of rungs and there I was nowhere else to go. Here at what I considered the top, running a $20 million dollar printing company, yet I still answered to a Boss.

I knew there was something more than the JOB corporate life. With the help of Robert

Kiyosaki’s books and programs, I started building my business and accumulating my assets in 2003.

Finally, I took the leap in 2011 and I left the corporate life and became my own Boss. Then, Dan Kennedy and I collaborated on a book together titled Marketing Miracles and I was featured in USA Today for my achievements.

From the beginning, my mentors emphasized to me when it comes to Internet Marketing the money is in the list and in my world the list is the Asset.

I enjoy helping other affiliate marketers grow their email list assisting them attain opt-ins to their lead page.

I enjoy helping other affiliate marketers grow their email list assisting them attain opt-ins to their lead page.

Today, I am an Affiliate Marketer, Real Estate investor, and own a construction company. I love spending time with my family.  Kathy, my wife since 1992, and I have two Daughters (Mikaela and Alana) are blessed with two grandchildren, Cohen and Avery respectively. I started online in 2011 and traffic has been the single most confusing challenge for me. I was able to quickly understand what products to promote, but it took me years of trial and error to fit the right traffic to theses offers.

I tried the Facebook Ads with success yet Facebook keeps changing the rules making it impossible to create a marketing system.
I’ve dabbled with Google Ads too, Google is not fond of affiliate offers and Google offers so traffic choices it’s confusing knowing what works and what doesn’t. Costing me lots of precious marketing dollars for education the Google Ads are not for me.

I tried building my email list with search engine optimization, but it changes so fast that sometimes I would buy $500 software to build backlinks and by the time I figured out how to use it, it would already be outdated.

It’s been years since I started, but traffic continues to be the #1 problem for most affiliate marketers today. For almost all affiliates who never make money online, traffic or the lack there of is the reason why they fail.

That’s why I decided to step up and not only show you the         #1 traffic strategy that works for me, but also help you by actually driving traffic for you to a landing page of your choice.


Florence Straka

Sandi Bernard, CEO A+ Advertising

Nathan Evangelista, CEO of Virtual Cube

Chris is someone reliable when it comes to doing business. He knows what he’s doing. I am extremely happy with everything they did for me and my traffic was a top notch. He over delivers and always excellent in his craft. I will be using Straight Arrow again soon.

George Hampton

Doing business with Chris is uncomplicated and hassle free. Results are always amazing and beyond expectations. Should you buy solo ads from Chris? Definitely! Straight Arrow Solo Ads is surely a legit and reliable business that guarantees results

Katy Britt

Chris is a great guy to work with. You won’t go wrong with Straight Arrow, excellent as always. I had sales after doing business with me. Every penny is worth it. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results and will surely be doing business again with Chris and his team. Awesome team, awesome results.

Harley Goeke

I worked with Chris with various businesses. He treats everyone rightly and delivers good results. Check him out. You’ll never go wrong doing business with him. If you want someone to grow your business with, he is the right person to approach. I could say he’s an expert in his field.

Paula Creech

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