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What’s a Solo Ad?

An email campaign that you send to a particular niche’s email list that you don’t own is a solo ad. To send your targeted promotions, you essentially “rent” these email lists from someone else within your industry.

The backbone of any effective internet marketing, sale, or company is to create a robust email list. After all, personally reaching out to people is far more effective than extensive, generalized advertising.

How does a solo ad work?

The ‘solo’ element of this type of advertisement means that personal users will see your promotion alone. They will receive a message, without any additional attachments, the email is related only to your offer.

That way, it won’t distract prospective subscribers from your message.

The online marketer in your niche collects a large enough email subscribers database, where they might start selling some ads. You’ll pay for their services, and they’ll send an email advertising your link to a certain number of subscribers in exchange.

Solo Ad:What are you receiving?

You buy a specific number of clicks your email would be sent to when you buy from a solo ad provider.

The list owner will then send the email to their large database, and you get traffic and sales if everything goes as expected.  Most importantly is you get to save the email address of the subscriber who opted-in so you can add them to your database. Then start creating a drip ad campaign of your own.

Are solo ad advertisements right for your company?

On this method of increasing traffic, there are several opposing opinions. Although some businesses won’t go buy them, others say that they would never have started their business if it weren’t for solo advertising.

Your decision will depend on your type of business, but whether you will benefit from solo advertising or not, there are some rules to decide. You may consider giving it a shot if you meet any of these requirements.

Your chosen niche is saturated

There are some places where the amount of content put out regularly is massive. In this case, it will be hard to get noticed without a bit of assistance, no matter how high-quality your content is.

Competitive Niche

If you want to make money for, say, fitness, diets, and dating, you need to rank high, or you won’t get anywhere. Again, in this situation, help from some decent solo ad email lists will mean the world to you.

Start and/or Have a Low Budget

Often, to start increasing traffic to your webpage right away, you will have months to develop a large audience base. Direct advertising will kickstart the project in that situation.

It is what you offer, in any case, that will make your customers/subscribers stay.

Solo Ad Benefits

It’s tough to be the company that sticks out above the noise in a world where the internet is bombarded with information every day in every way. Services like this one can at first seem frivolous, but they may be vital to your company’s success.

The benefits you can get from pursuing a solo ad vendor can already be evident to you. Here’s why this type of advertisement is commonly used today.

It’s Easy

You’re not going to waste hours trying to think of catchy pop-ups or writing a new article on your blog. Instead, drafting your email and paying the vendor would end your effort. The rest will happen by itself.

Solo Ads are Comprehensive

It is challenging to reach out to broad audiences if you have just started creating your email list. If vendors have set up huge email lists, then this would be perfect for you if your niche is much more general. If your niche is unique, there will also be vendors ready to cater to you.

Solo Ad are Effective

The emails sent to your potential subscribers won’t go into the spam folder. Instead, the emails they receive from your provider are already interested in those individuals. Thus, this makes it more probable for them to open the message and visit your website.

How to guarantee success with Solo Ad

Don’t forget that you’re putting marketing success into someone else’s hands by using solo advertising. Look for telltale signs of their efficiency to prevent breaking the bank. Besides that, you should make sure that they complement what you are trying to accomplish.

The Email List

First of all, you can ask about how your vendor built their list. You can never be absolutely assured that they are telling you the facts. However, if you manage to prove that you share the target audience, you’ve got a win for yourself.

 The Seller

Of course, beware of lofty claims and search online for the seller. You won’t break the bank by doing some research.

Also, start small, invest a modest amount, even if your portfolio seems spotless, and raise it only when you are pleased with the results.

In addition, you also need to ensure that the seller does not send emails every day to their list. Your email will get lost among many others if this is the case. You may also collect details about their mail list preferences and customize your message accordingly.

Check how the seller deals with users on the list who don’t open a single email; if they do nothing about it, it’s a red flag. Also, inquire about the response rate.

The more data you get, the better. Plus, if they’re willing to offer and provide evidence of their data, it says a lot about a vendor.

Writing your Email Swipe

It would help if you wrote your email swipe when you are confident that you are reaching the right audience and your service provider is of high quality. Often, the seller also tries to write the email themselves, and that does work because they know their audience.

Once they know you, your product, and are a member of our list. You can send them email swipes that pertain to you and your offer.

Here’s what to do when they subscribe to your database:

Entice the Reader

Make the topic line a catchy one. Each week they receive lots of advertisements in their mailbox, so yours must stand out from the crowd. You can ‘entice’ the prospective subscribers by choosing the title with care.

Make it Simple

You will lose their focus with a wall of text, even though the subscribers open the email. Instead, make it a length of one to two pages (preferably one), and write in the right, clear language. Even when they sound imaginative to you, don’t use complicated phrases and metaphors.

Link it

Link it!  It’s only fair that a link to your website is included in your email. It will end up counterproductive and distract the readers if you have too many, however. A link to your main page would be enough, and you can use a call to action.

Don’t forget to use software like JotURL to track each of your links.

Set Your Target Accordingly

Understand who you’re targeting. Even though you are targeting an audience interested in your niche, by remaining too broad, you gain nothing. You could discuss a particular issue that is popular within that group of individuals. Provide an effective solution!

Where to Find Solo Ad Provider?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to find the perfect solo ad seller to deliver as they promised. You can only see by trial and error which ones are working and which are fake… right?

Not entirely. Nowadays, a platform serving as a middleman between you and the seller is available for use. These locations will save you the legwork and thousands of hard-earned dollars on bad results.

A few solo ad networks are available online, but right now, the biggest, most trusted one is Udimi.

And what’s Udimi?

In essence, Udimi is a platform for individuals who purchase and sell email campaigns for solo advertisements. Signing up is free and easy, and when you pay, you’re just going to do it to your preferred seller.

Udimi’s Advantages

The best thing about Udimi is that you get the information we discussed earlier before you even contact the user. There is a position on each profile, as well as positive and negative reviews from previous customers.

The efficiency percentage of their solo ad email campaign is also shown for your awareness. This number shows you how many individuals who have used the service subsequently turned into a sale. While this data is not accurate, to find what works for you, it showcases the quality. In addition, most sellers post additional information on their profile, specifying the niche their email list is for, and setting some ground rules.

Other Methods?

Udimi marketplace does work although it limits the interaction with your supplier and other services they may offer.  You can also contact solo ad providers directly through their website and many are on Facebook as well.  If you desire personal contact, need additional services, or have questions working directly with the database owner is the way to go.  Just be sure to do your due diligence for picking with right solo ad partner for you.

The bottom line is:

To sum up, solo advertisements are a perfect way to boost traffic efficiently. It’s quick to take advantage of the opportunities with a little caution while minimizing the disadvantages. However, bear in mind that quality content is essential and that Solo Ad is simply an assistant.

Comment below if you have any concerns about the basics of Solo Ads or want to learn more.

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Good luck!



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