Step–by-Step Guide in Setting up an Effective Solo Ads Sales Funnel

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If you want your company’s sales process to run as smoothly as possible, you must first perfect your Solo Ads sales funnel – the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer.

Do you need more traffic on your landing page to create awareness about your products to the right audience and boost sales? Of course, you do! Everyone wants to earn more and big from what they know how to do best.

However, to be able to achieve this, advertising is key. I am not talking about the “reach one, reach all” generic kind of advertising that only promises the figures and wide reach, I am actually talking about the type that helps you reach a “minimum viable audience” and also puts your products in the face of those who should really be seeing it.

You are definitely familiar with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads already, but do you know about Solo Ads? Do you know how effective they are to drive traffic and build your sales funnel?

Everything you need to know about how to optimize solo ads sales funnel to get desire results in your business is what you are about to learn about.

Solo Ads Sales Funnel:WHAT ARE SOLO ADS?

For starters, solo ads are email-based ads that you purchase from email list owners (solo ads affiliate marketers), who will, in turn, send an email on your behalf to their list for clicks. It is these clicks that will drive traffic to your landing page. These clicks can be converted to sales or used to build your list so that you can use them to create a nurture campaign much later. You might be thinking, how effective is this, just clicking and selling?

An average solo ad seller has thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of active email subscribers on their list. These are the people that your product is reaching and your potential sales convert. Besides, Email marketing is still one of the most productive ways to sell online.

Additionally, Solo ads are quite cheap to run. You don’t have to break a bank or overstretch your budget to be able to afford them. You can start out small with a package that fits perfectly into your budget and take it up from there. 

Now that you know what Solo ads are, how do you use this Email Marketing tool to set up an effective sales funnel? Let’s show you a step-by-step guide on how to maximize and optimize solo ads to get positive results.

Step-by-step guide in setting up an effective solo ads funnel

Yes, it’s true! Solo ads can skyrocket your business and boost your sales. It can put you at the frontline of the online money-making space, but it isn’t magical and automatic. Not everyone can say the same about their experience using Solo ads. Solo ads will only yield desired results if they are done well and right. You have to set up an effective solo ads sales funnel that guides and convinces your prospective clients why they need your product(s). You know, something that shows them why they should buy from you and not someone else who is offering the same product.

Create a unique product 

This is the very first step in the sales web chain. You can also only market a product that you have already created. Create a unique product that offers great value to your prospective clients. First Look around you can also see what you can do differently and in a more creative way. Your product doesn’t have to be completely novel; it might be an improvement on existing ones. Just something great that offers value.

Solo Ads Sales Funnel….

1. Get a good Solo ads seller

The Solo ads seller is at the top of the sales funnel. Getting a good, quality and honest one is quite daunting but not impossible. Since you are not running the ads yourself, your Solo ads seller is saddle with the huge task of setting up your solo ad campaigns. How your ad campaign is set up is a crucial stage that determines whether or not the prospective clients will even click open to see what you offer or not. A good sales ad copy and how often your ads seller sends out solo ad campaigns on their page, and the number of real and active subscribers, niche, and much more are all sales metrics and determinant factors here. Ordinarily, if you are having to deal with a good solo ads seller and these are things that you don’t have to worry about.

2. Advertise in your niche

Another step that is equally as important as getting a good solo ads vendor is advertising in your niche. For instance, if the product you want to sell is “a digital course” or something related to “travels,” it will be unadvisable that you buy ads from a seller whose list is probably filled with a bunch of senior citizens. Your target should be millennials and middle-aged people. Do you get the drift?

3. Build a great landing page

Your landing page is the first thing that people see once they land on your website. At this stage, the impression they get about what they see on your site is crucial to whether they will still be interested. Build a compelling and optimized landing page that explains everything visitors need to know in just one glance. Not everyone has time to be navigating their way through your website without a clear direction. While there isn’t a set standard of what every website should look like, there are specific components every landing page should have:

A Strong Headline

It is imperative to clearly describe what you do on your page and what users will get from it. Inform them of what your company does in just a few words. It could be a catchphrase that sums up all you do in 10-20 words.

Value Proposition

The truth is, the market is oversaturate, and the competition is real. If you want to make sales, you have to stand out. Describe the benefits that visitors will get by choosing to buy a product or use your service. Use captivating images and videos to help them understand your offer. Engaging and educative content will also spur them to stay longer on your page and know more about your brand.

Solo Ads Sales Funnel:Customer Testimonials/Reviews

What is the best way to increase credibility about your products and services, if not with reviews and testimonies? When new visitors see the positive reviews of those that had used your service before or bought your product, it becomes easier to convert them to purchase from you.

Call To action

After all the perusal and visitation,and there should be a CTA button for conversion. It should also be persuasive and easily accessible for all to see. It shouldn’t be hidden; rather, it should be put in a conspicuous place.

4. Follow it up

One of the biggest mistakes some vendors make is giving up once a sales target isn’t achieved in a single advertisement. People might need your service, but they might not need it at the moment you are telling them about it. Why not keep these people at arm’s length and continue to nurture them for later? The idea is not to do just to make a one-off sale; it is to build a list of people that you constantly engage and educate about your products and service. Follow it up, and keep it up!

By setting up your solo ads sales funnel, you are not only boosting sales or driving traffic to your site, but you are also optimizing the marketing tool to get maximum results for your product, service, and brand.

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